:pushpin: References

  • Issue: your issue goes here
  • Related pull-requests: list of related pull-requests (comma-separated): #1, #2

:tophat: What is the goal?

Provide a description of the overall goal (you can usually copy the one from the issue)

:memo: How is it being implemented?

Provide a description of the implementation

:boom: How can it be tested?

If it cannot be tested explain why.

  • Use case 1: A brief description of the use case that should be tested
  • Use case 2: If the use case requires some complex steps, increase indentation
    • Step 1
    • Step 2

:floppy_disk: Requires DB migration?

  • Nope, we can just merge this branch.
  • Yes, but we need to apply it before merging this branch.
  • Yes, it’s already applied.

:art: UI changes?

  • Nope, the UI remains as beautiful as it was before!
  • Yeap, here you have some screenshots-